A team who doesn’t even know basics of android studio Created a professional Android application that helps billions of Farmers.

Let me first explain my project in a simple way

In India the major occupation of the people is farming, major resources for farming is equipment and tools. So here comes the need of our project. Many farmers cannot afford buying equipment and they find difficult ways to lend equipment from other farmers. So we tried to digitalize it and made it easy . Our application connects farmers all over India and one can select the farmer who is nearer to him to borrow equipment. The farmer who can afford buying the equipment will give his equipment as rent to other farmer. So in the way both the farmers get benefited.

Our Experiences while doing this project

We started this project without knowing any basics of android studio although we have worked on desktop applications using java and python in previous semesters , but Android Studio is new for our team, So we took it as a challenge to complete our project in 4 months. We started learning android studio from the basics. We have created this android application using Java as mid-ware and Firebase for backend. I will suggest you the same because Authentication in Firebase is much easier which helps in OTP verification for Phone number. We have created a great looking user friendly UI using XML . We have used card views which looks great in the home page.

We have created a phone number login system which will be easy for farmers rather than email. While adding the equipment one must add the pic of the equipment which made our work too hard. We have learnt many tutorials and websites , we have faced many errors it took almost 1 week to complete image upload system. Next tricky part comes with search bar. Creating search bar helps farmers filter to get their desired equipment. We have learnt adapter classes and how to implement lists in android studio. Finally we created search view where the added equipment comes to search view page with their respective images and details. We have used Picasso library which made our work easier to retrieve images from database. We have taken guidance from a person who is working as software engineer .Whenever we stuck with any problem our mentor helped us a lot to go in a correct way to solve the issue.

YouTube link : https://youtu.be/P7vCpqGG788

Twitter Post : https://twitter.com/Shanmukhc147/status/1328634350812893185?s=20

LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hemanth-varma-399044aa_digitalindia-farmsharesolutions-smartdevelopment-activity-6716348663280607232-QCEz/

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Shanmukh Chowdary Morampudi

Shanmukh Chowdary Morampudi

Computer Science Student, Bennett University