History of Bellman-Ford Algorithm:

Alfonso Shimbel suggested this algorithm in 1955, however it was named after Richard Bellman and Lester Ford Jr., who published it in 1958 and 1956, respectively. In 1959, Edward F. Moore published a variant of the algorithm, which is often referred to as the Bellman–Ford–Moore algorithm. Leaving about the history lets quickly jump into the topic.

Basic Overview on Bellman-Ford:

The problem is, in a directed weighted graph we have to select one of the vertex as the source vertex and find the shortest path to all other vertices. For doing this we have Dijkstra algorithm…

Let me first explain my project in a simple way

In India the major occupation of the people is farming, major resources for farming is equipment and tools. So here comes the need of our project. Many farmers cannot afford buying equipment and they find difficult ways to lend equipment from other farmers. So we tried to digitalize it and made it easy . Our application connects farmers all over India and one can select the farmer who is nearer to him to borrow equipment. The farmer who can afford buying the equipment will give his equipment as rent to other farmer. …

Shanmukh Chowdary Morampudi

Computer Science Student, Bennett University

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